Avsa encapsulates the effortless sensuality and uniqueness of the Indian Art & Culture. Using locally sourced best quality stones and unmatched indian craftsmanship, Avsa thrives on enabling the access of  premium quality, highly detailed art jewellery to all. 
Avsa, founded in 2022, is the brainchild of jewellery expert & enthusiast, Saloni Sharma. While growing up in Jaipur, the mecca of jewellery in India, Saloni absorbed the significance of quality jewellery in Indian culture. She believes beautiful jewellery can evoke senses that are otherwise unknown.  After working in the French & Indian jewellery industry for over a decade. Saloni found quality fashion jewellery to be a polarised and unorganised commodity with restrictive price points, making quality jewellery inaccessible to the masses. She then, along with the entire team of Avsa, created Avsa with the aim of jewelling the country up with beautiful & affordable jewellery.